2015 Mobile Dental Clinic

Many of the rural areas in Kenya do not have a dental service, and in some instances, the only available dental treatment is provided by witch doctors. In the local communities near Solio Lodge and Sasaab, the nearest dentist is located at least a two-hour drive away or more than a full days walk. These local communities have poor access to clean water and they use a twig from “the tooth brush tree” to clean their teeth.

Dental Clinic 2015

To help bridge the gap in government health care provision, our lodges helped to facilitate access to medical facilities and health care for these communities with the assistance of SmileStar, a UK charity, founded by Mitesh Badiani. His vision is to provide free, quality dental treatment to as many people as possible, particularly remote disadvantaged communities where basic dentistry is not available.

Dental Clinic 2015 (2)

For this clinic SmileStar brought a team of ten including highly skilled dentists, dental nurses, a doctor and support staff - all of who paid their own fares. Incredibly, they also brought all the dental equipment they needed from UK too. 

In two weeks over 1700 patients treated, 600 teeth removed and 1 child’s life saved!

To support this event next year or for more information on helping with other projects please contact us. 


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