Fossil Hunting in Kenya's 'Cradle of Mankind'

One of the highlights of this year was taking a group to Turkana. To travel back in time is generally the thing of dreams, but on this life changing journey this fantasy can be a reality – It offers our clients the chance to travel back to the birthplace of our ancestors in the dramatic dusty north of Kenya on the shores of Lake Turkana.

We always recommend our clients travel by helicopter to Lake Turkana and the Turkana Basin Institute. This is a unique chance to witness the awe inspiring drastic changes in terrain as your move further and further north in Kenya. The best part is when we fly over the desert, through the barren rocky landscape to suddenly set eyes on the volcanic island within the ‘Jade Sea’.

The Turkana Basin Institute is led by the legendary Leakey family who have been unearthing clues to our past for generations. Designated as a UNESCO heritage site, the Turkana region offers up some of the richest evidence of man’s earliest roots from fossil beds well-preserved within the Rift walls.

This adventure is truly one of a kind, with the unique opportunity to spend time in this fascinating facility – it also combines wildlife, mountains, lakes, ancient forests, ancient people all in one of the world’s last real wildernesses – an experience of a lifetime. 

Tanya Carr HartleyComment