Suiyan Ranch: A Rare Gem

Suiyan Ranch is a“rare gem”. This unique 43,495 acre ranch in Laikipia is truly an amazing safari/ wilderness and exceptional wildlife destination.

Our mobile camp site is not in the traditional location along the river, but situated high above the plains on a granite escarpment, giving us un-paralleled views across the granite Kopjies (0r boulders) , the Ewaso Narok River and Laikipia beyond. 


Suiyan is aptly named after the African Hunting dog or Wild dog as there are 3 large packs in the area and exceptional sightings and amazing hunting sequences.

The walking this season at Suiyan is also fantastic, with large herds of elephants, buffalo, lots of plains game including large herds of giraffe and Grevy’s Zebra. The terrain is very varied, from the open grasslands on the top ridge , to riverine woodland, and Granite rocks, all offering great diversity in terms of flora and fauna.


Activities at Suiyan we can offer include, horse riding, hiking, canoeing, tubing and tracking the wild dogs. These are all within a very short distance from the camp.

Anne Powys one of the owners of Suiyan is Kenya’s expert on succulent and medicinal plants. A guided walk through this treasure-trove with Anne is a wonderful experience. Whilst Gilfred her father is a delight to have at the camp to speak of tales of old and connect all our very different lives.

Suiyan is also an amazing springboard to explore Northern Kenya with helicopters, accessing the most remote corners of deserts, wild flamingo covered lakes, amazing ancient mountains and untouched tribal culture. This we were able to do on a number of safaris this year.

Mikey Carr-HartleyComment