Our african heritage

No name is more synonymous with the lore of East Africa than Carr-Hartley. Their history spans the entire Safari'esk era in Kenya. 

Since the late 1880's, the Carr-Hartley family has been the living definition of the great African adventure, as hunters, as big game trappers, as safari operators and as conservationists. Denys Finch Hatton was a friend, Karen Blixen (who later wrote "Out of Africa" as Isak Dineson) a neighbour. The movies "Snows of Kilimanjaro" and "Mugambo" were filmed on the Carr-Hartley family ranch, and pictures of Clark Gable, Ava Gardner and Ernest Hemingway are part of the family photo album.

Tanya is a member of the well known Hopcraft family, who first set foot in Kenya in the late 19th century, on the shores of lake Naivasha. As farmers and conservationists the family manage a wonderful piece of land and their long term contribution to wildlife and conservation is apparent.

Mikey and Tanya marry their business and family life. Their 3 young children love life in the wilderness and are experts at sharing their knowledge with any ready listener who happens to be with the family, and in the bush at the same time. As the 5th generation of wildlife lovers, and with swahili as much as a mother tongue as English, they really do have an innate passion and knowledge of their world in Africa.