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Specialised Safaris create the most exclusive, authentic journeys through East and Southern Africa.

Kenya is our backyard, a place we know intimately. Be our guest at any of our four award-winning luxury camps and lodges, or let us whisk you off to a remote, untouched region where we’ll be the only people for miles upon miles.

Safari is in our blood. For four generations – our children make it five – our families have been in Kenya, and the cumulative knowledge, first-hand experience and connections we have is something we can now lend to our guests.


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Your safari with us can be anything you want it to be. Each trip is different, but all are very special.

We meet most of our guests in person before they travel with us, flying out to the States, the UK or wherever you’re based. It’s one of the things that stands us apart from other safari guides and helps make the experience all the more unique and personal.


Be part of our family

One of us, Mikey or Tanya, will endeavour to be on safari with you, bar any unforeseen circumstances. We’ll take you to our own historic family homes and while you’re with us, you’ll be considered part of our family.


Sometimes, depending on our guests preferences, we’re joined by our children, Sala, Kinna and Tisa. Being with the kids creates a totally different dynamic to the usual safari experience, and they offer a completely fresh (often amusing) perspective. They don’t yet have the filter that adults do, so it’s always interesting to hear what they have to say!

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Connections to the land

We built our Kenyan lodges because we wanted to ensure we had large areas of protected wilderness to continue to conserve and to use for the type of safaris with which we enjoyed growing up. Today we’re the only real mobile operator in Kenya that still has permanent lodges too, so we’re in a good position to offer the most well-rounded safari experience.


On the two ranches we use, Suyian and Lolldaiga, there are no permanent lodges, so we also have this land virtually to ourselves. Visit our family homes for a glimpse into our heritage and Kenya’s recent history.


Our long-established connections give you special access to people and places, such as the famous palaeontologist Louise Leakey, and her fossil dig in Turkana.

A ‘typical’ day


We make sure every day on our safaris is different, but we’re usually up before sunrise to go and find the lions and other animals that tend to snooze through the midday heat. We have built-in cookers that slide out of our cars, so we’ll have breakfast out in the bush, before heading off to see more big cats, crocs or perhaps the Great Migration herds.

If we’re on a mobile safari, our options are endless: we might be tracking wild dogs, walking, fishing or cooling down by jumping off rocks into the river.

 After lunch, our guests can choose to take a siesta or play volleyball or soccer with the kids. In the evening, we might do a walk, a cultural experience or sundowners.


a world of possibility awaits


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