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In 2000 we decided to compliment our specialised safari circuit with our own lodges. We began by slowly negotiating agreements for land leases in carefully chosen areas in Kenya.

Initially we acquired lands in the arid wilderness of Kenya’s northern frontier, where we now have Sasaab. Then in the lush plains and acacia forests of Solio, Kenya’s first private conservancy, sandwiched between the Aberdare Mountains and Mount Kenya, where we now have Solio Lodge. At the top of the Aberdares, it is reminiscent of the Scottish Highlands, complete with with heather and waterfalls. Our third property took us to one of the last untouched corners of Kenya’s most famous National Reserve – The Masai Mara.

As both our families have a rich history in wildlife and strong ties to the land, we were able to work with the land owners to create luxury lodges, that compliment the landscape, in these prime locations.

Finally, in 2009, we completed our circuit with Giraffe Manor and we feel very blessed to have this little gem in our portfolio.

We also regularly spend time on the shores of Lake Naivasha on Loldia Ranch at Ajabu House, within the Great Rift valley. It is a house that has been in Tanya’s family almost 100 years, with an unsurpassed location, floating above the shores of Lake Naivasha.


ajabu house

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sala’s camp

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solio lodge

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giraffe manor